Jake didn’t discover his creative medium until his 21st birthday. In anticipation of an upcoming study abroad semester in Tanzania, his parents gave him his first DSLR camera. From sweeping shots of majestic landscapes to intimate portraits of Masai warriors, children, and others, Jake discovered how to communicate his love of adventure through the lens, and the rest is history.

This passion goes beyond just the single frame of a photograph. While in Tanzania, Jake learned the story of East Africa’s slave trade, which lasted until the 1920s. Over the course of several weeks, Jake filmed interviews with both former slaves and slave owners in the small coastal town of Bagamoyo. With no previous training, he crafted a documentary based on these interviews, revealing how a formerly divided town had come to peace with itself. From then on, his film and photography projects have been largely self-driven, a way to reveal the marginal and the forgotten people and stories to others. 

After a stint in Fiji, Jake moved in 2012 to Cape Town, South Africa, working for Street Talk TV to shoot, edit and produce weekly TV segments that tackle issues big and small in township communities. To see clips from these shows, go here 

Jake’s photography and film has already won awards, including the World Nomads International Photography scholarship in 2012. As part of the scholarship, Jake accompanied National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards to Oman for two weeks. Rarely sleeping, Jason, Jake and crew covered wide swaths of the country, encountering Camel Races, ancient towns, Bull fights and so much more. 

After graduating from Wake Forest University in 2013, Jake moved to Brooklyn, New York where he is now working as a freelance photographer and filmmaker.