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Street Talk S3 E45 - Duma's Falling Leaves

Thembile Nhokwana alias Gus alias Duma owns Dumas Falling Leaves a tavern in Gugs. For over 50 years Gus was a double bass player who played with all the great names. He reminisces about life under apartheid, how township jazz developed and the love of his life.


Street Talk S4 E1- Thokozani Brothers

The Thokozani Brothers Center in Khayelitsha is run by Mhla and his wife Lindi. Over the past five years, they have trained over three hundred local kids to sing in a choir that has toured South Africa and overseas. They also provide counseling for adults and children dealing with everything from teenage pregnancy to drugs and gangsterism.


Roam Atlanta

Roam is the innovators workplace; a meeting, dining, and gathering place for the new workforce.


John Hartford - "I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow"

Just around the corner from my house, lies a small park intersected by Nancy Creek. Here exists a tranquil escape from the noise of city life. I went there to capture some footage and test out Magic Lanterns new software for Canon DSLR's. 


African Impact: St. Lucia

Highlights the work of volunteers at the center and encourages viewers to volunteer.


Bagamoyo, Lay Your Heart Down

Long before the first African stepped foot on North American soil and long after the last slave ships plied the Atlantic Ocean, East Africa harbored its own dark trade. For centuries until the 1920s, Arab traders traveled into Africa’s heart to collect slaves for use both on African plantations and throughout the Middle East. Along the way, these slaves endured atrocities as cruel as many that happened in West Africa. Death marches to the coast for thousands of miles. Pain, hunger, exhaustion. Families split apart. The clash of culture, language and religion.

Before being shipped around the world, many slaves were funneled through one small town in modern-day Tanzania: the quiet yet diverse Bagamoyo. How did a community born of brutality become a place of tolerance and forgiveness?

In this eye-opening and compelling film, Jake Salyers sheds light on a forgotten piece of history. Through the prism of Bagamoyo, Salyers examines the East African slave trade and its reverberations into the present day. From the ancient ruins of Arab colonies to the testimonies of villagers who can still remember the slave trade, BAGAMOYO, LAY YOUR HEART DOWN reveals a classic story of past loss and present redemption.


Fiji: A Time Lapse